On The Train To Nowhere!

Hello there, thanks for turning in again to Autism Life. Today we going to look into the railway and tickets, to see why it so hard for special needs citizens can’t access the railway fully.

So come on board The train to nowhere departing in 2 minutes from Manchester Piccadilly railway station. Continue reading On The Train To Nowhere!

Get to Know Autism Spectrum: 101 Autism Disorder

Well hello there, glad you pop by for this fun article called 100 Autism Disorders, it’s called that as a spin of from 101 Dalmatian and I thought 100 Autism Disorders would be a good title.101dalmatians.jpg

We going to briefly look into the related conditions that is related to the autism spectrum family.  Continue reading Get to Know Autism Spectrum: 101 Autism Disorder

Get to Know Autism Spectrum | What is Autism Spectrum Disorder

Well hello there guys and girls. Welcome to are first series, which is all about getting to know autism spectrum disorder ASD. This series will try to simplefie the condition and undercover the complex nature of the condition.

Over the decades autism spectrum has kept on growing and in the process has got more complicated with more conditions being linked with autism and the variety of sverity in the person well-being.

We going to be looking at the basics of autism spectrum disorder and what conditions are linked with autism.  Continue reading Get to Know Autism Spectrum | What is Autism Spectrum Disorder

A little disclaimer

I’m going to be writing these blog article in my own unique way, that is not over correcting the mistakes in the article. I know sound daft dose it not, well in autism and disability it is not are biggest concern to get every word prefect and we are limited edition people.

So I just wanted to say that, the article on here are prefect as they can be, straight from mind to you, with no editing. That’s may mean spelling mistakes and grammer mistakes.

It’s called Autism Life for a reason because it written by a autistic writer and if you don’t appercaite the beauty of my content, you know where the X is on your web browser.

Mike Cunniffe

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