World of Xploration tribute to the 22 victims of Manchester Attack #Manchesterbees

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Can you help to spread these bees out far and wide? this video is a tribute to all 22 victims which sadly got caught up in the Manchester Bombing, at Manchester Arena on 22nd May 2017 at 10:30pm. Continue reading

How It’s Named | Cereal, Alberta

Hello, folks, you might have noticed something different on Autism Life… Today

We are now on Youtube as Autism Life TV and all articles will now be created into a powerpoint format and created into E-Book on Youtube.

To launch Autism Life TV, we have written an article about Cereal, Alberta.

Grab your cereal and enjoy the show.

I would love you feedback on this new method of posting and I hoped you enjoyed as much I did create it for your enjoyment.

See you soon. Mike-Cunniffe_thumb.png